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Its your car pulling to one side?

Are the tires worn unevenly?  

It might be your alignment.  


We use top-of-the-line Snap-On John Bean Alignment machine for alignments. Schedule you appointment today. Let us check and fix that steering.

Tip: You should align your vehicle every time you purchase new tires.


It's time for that oil change! Or maybe you need new tires.  Either way you should have your vehicle serviced at the manufacturer's recommended schedule.


You don't have to wait at the dealer. Or pay those dealer prices for quality service.  We offer these services at affordable prices.

Our technicians performa 32 point inspection every time a vehicle comes in for service

Call to Schedule your appointment!

Tip: It is recommended that you service your vehicle every 3000 miles.


Its your ride a little rough and bouncy? It maybe your suspension.  This is an item often overlooked when doing vehicle maintenance.  

Our technicians are trained in inspecting brakes.  We inspect brakes every time your vehicle comes in for service.  We care about your safety.

Tip: Squeey brakes could indicate a serious problem.  Come in and let us inspect them today!

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